Verse 1:
Life is wonderful
We have happy thoughts
Don't you worry 'bout
Men, job, notes or cows
Money'll never still
But you'll make a deal
Stars are always bling
Just like a silver ring

The grass is green
The road is grey
I have many days for my big fame
I know my d-device, for that I'm ready for my biggest life

This sky isn't it mine
Those shorts biggest & tall
I can still not drive
But this is my biggest life
I know that is false
To be lonely cause
I am in the show
By Disney channel original

Verse 2:
Desperate's not for you
Let's go out, make dream come true
Stop to think badly
School, games or slumber party
You will always be
Perfect as long as you can
Shinny little thing is
Coming for you when you see me


Once upon a story about the bad
I don't really care for it, I'm that
Human who will make your life easy
Stop to give up baby, you're pretty
From now on you will be, amazing
He can show you why, let's make it

My first love just broke up with me
But my life is still a big dream
I crave every night to go
You know why? Cause it's my life, bro

When you miss me... Handle it!

Chorus: x2
I am in the show by Disney Channel Original,
because I am in the show by Disney channel original

© Lyrics by Peter Dvant
© ℗ 2010 Streamland Records