Peter Dvant was born on November 23, 1996 in Peshtera City, Bulgaria. He raised in Peshtera and Plovdiv and primarily studied at the "Ivan Vasov" High School. He officially started his career in 2010 with the song Dark and the album Mixxx 2010. His first record "Dark" was released on August 9, 2010. Later he recorded other songs, including Francais Chant and Hip Hop Trance and he made the album Mixxx 2010. In 2011 he recorded his album "DVANT" and he made remixes album, named "Dark Remixes". He planned his album Network Kid in April 2010, when he was 13 years old and he created 10 tracks, including Biggest Life, Dance With Me, Beautiful Kiss, Sold and others.

In 2006, when Peter was 9 years old, he finished creating animations, which included the collection "Wonderland" (10.04.2006). Some of his first animations are "Marina" and "Shkafcho". For 4 years, up to 2010, he created 100 animations. In 2007 he began shooting his first serial film "Jimilly's Cage". In 2008, he finished his other show "Climate of Earth". In 2009 - "Sister for maid". He also sets up other collection "PicTwisT" on June 19, 2009 & first animations in the collection are: "The Life Of PicTwisTs" and "Big Fish Or Big Fishing". In 2010 Peter changed his public vision and from Petar Danielov Tsikalov he transforms to Peter Dvant. 2010 was the year of his reborn. He has been watching many movies and animations in his live, and he believed that he is already a good actor. Now Peter wants to develop his career.

He began to speculate on film stories in which he wants to participate. One of the series in which wants to participate is "Dance With Me". In 2011 Peter record many songs and animations, which have already been established. In 2012 he created more shows for the company PicTwisT. He was director of the series StarVISION and FunnyHOME. He made for PicTwisT Channel an adult funny animation called Sad & Fat. His first book "The Mask-Face" was released on July 11, 2013. In April, 2014 he wrote his first article and put it in "ZNAM" magazine. In may, 2014 he interviewed Alston Stephanus (Indonesian Designer) and the interview was published in the second part of "ZNAM" magazine. In the end of 2014 Peter interviewed the Disney star Kenton Duty and in 2015 he officially made ZNAM Magazine to an e-magazine. In 2015 Peter realized an summer dance electro album and he gave it the name of the main genre, which is "ELECTRO". In 2015 Peter graduated high school and he also became a student at the Medical University of Plovdiv, studying Pharmacy. In May/June 2016 Peter finished his first year at the University and also realized other album, named "SHADOWS", including 10 new tracks. Most popular of them are Creator, Shadows, Dance Disco Pop, Fantasy Friend and others. Peter is editor-in-chief of ZNAM Magazine.